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Leah Moriarty



Leah Moriarty


I know this valley. I've walked it, lived it, loved it. This has been my community my entire adult life. My life's blood is talking, sharing, listening and teaching. I've committed my time to the foundations and groups that make things better. Funny thing about generosity. Give freely and it comes back double. My sense is that the folks I meet, trust me. I stretch my reservoir of resources to find a buyer or property. Being deeply involved keeps me ahead of the game in knowing about homes, about property, about community, about the market. That's the essence of my blessings, joy and success. Loyal like a Labrador, I will doggedly work for you, no matter what. I call real estate my work because I'm head over heels in love with what I do. My greatest pleasures? Turning newcomers onto stuff, all kinds of stuff, from the secret places to explore to finding a really special something. Having the opportunity to make a difference in a family's lifestyle and being a part of the next generation's traditions. When the timing is right, no matter how long it takes, I'll help you put together the pieces with the highest regard for your needs...with integrity.


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